Chelcie's Spreads

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Creamy Spinach & Dill

----- 2-3 days pre-order -----Western Selection Our Spinach and Dill is one of our bestsellers...


Homemade Salted Eggs

----- 2-3 days pre order -----Filipino Selection This spread is made of a classic Filipino ..


Indian Spiced Chicken Pate

-----2-3 days pre-order -----Western Selection A Pate made from chicken rubbed with a blen..


Peach Cinnamon Infused with Chamomile Tea

----- 2-3 days pre-order -----Tea Infused Fruit Butter (alternative for jams, healthier and has..


Roasted Chicken with Herbs

----- 2-3 days pre-order -----Western Selection This cream cheese based spread is made from ove..


Smoked Tinapa Pate

----- 2-3 days pre-order -----Filipino Selection A Filipino inspired pate that promotes locally..


Spicy Longganisa Spread

----- 2-3 days pre-order -----Filipino Selection Sweetened Kapampangan Longganisa  that ha..


Wild Mushroom with Truffle Spread

----- 2-3 days pre-order -----Western Selection A fresh variety of Japanese mushroom mixed with..